Hand Sewn Items

As long as I can remember I loved to sew.  When I was a little girl I would watch my Nana cut, pin, sew and repeat.  I was eager to learn and continue to learn new skills today.

Over the years I have made many things near and dear to my heart from baby blankets to baptismal gowns, but the most rewarding things I have made thus far are items that bring peace to the broken hearted.

After my Father, Skip passed away suddenly, I found myself wanting to do more to comfort my Mom, his precious bride. I wanted to do something to honor his memory and give her something “earthly” to hold onto until they are united again.  I began to go through his clothes and started to create things that she could either wear or snuggle up with.  I also wanted his 7 grandchildren to have something too, and so his flannel shirts soon became known as the “papa bunnies.”  My mom tells me “she feels wrapped in his love” when she wears the apron or dress or wraps herself in one of the quilts. I have since had the honor to make customized pieces for others out of their loved ones clothing and it is a privilege to pray for the dearly departed as I cut and sew these pieces.

Please contact me for more information on creating something that is right for you.  Prices are dependent on the project. Please contact me for a quote.